Maia Sandu got the assumption wrong and led to government collapse: poll

Moldovans believe that Maia Sandu made a mistake assuming responsibility for changing the law of the Prosecutor's Office which led to the government collapse, shows the recent poll conducted by IMAS. 

According to the Sociological Studies Inc, 50% of the survey participants think that it was Sandu's responsibility assumption that brought about the cabinet dismissal by a censor motion. 

Meanwhile, 37% of participants agree with Maia Sandu's decision despite government collapse. 

47% of them believe the Sandu Government had to be dismissed anyway due to bad governance. 

Moldovan former Prime Minister Maia Sandu's government collapsed after losing a no-confidence vote in parliament.

A total of 63 out of 101 lawmakers voted on November 12 against Sandu's government as deputies from the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) joined colleagues from the pro-Russian Moldovan Socialist Party (PSRM) to topple the administration.

The poll was conducted between December 12-14, attended by 1,099 people. The error margin is ± 3.0%. 


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