Maia Sandu does not hesitate to throw slurs to her opponents at Central Election Commission

The leader of Action and Solidarity Party, Maia Sandu, has not hesitated to use the round table, organized by the Central Election Commission, in order to cast dirt at her electoral opponents. She continuously insists that the Democratic Party has admitted irregularities in the process of collecting signatures, even though it ignored the invitation of CEC to get involved in the verification of signatures.

Instead of concentrating on the messages about her electoral program,Maia Sandu talks about the speed with which the P team collected and presented to CEC the signatures for the support of Marian Lupu.

“We had to intermediate a discussion between the bank and the Central Election Commission for a few days, until the bank understood and gave its approval to open a special account for this procedure of collecting the signatures. It will take three days for the Fiscal Inspectorate to confirm this account” said the PAS leader, Maia Sandu.

In response, the democrat Sergiu Sarbu showed his availability to offer counseling to Maia Sandu, so that the initiative group of the party led by her to collect faster the necessary number of votes for the support of the nominee.

“Maybe it is surprising the fact that in 24 hours are collected subscription lists, signatures, but I want to tell you that it is not impossible, dear colleagues, when you prepare yourself two, three weeks before, when you organize, discipline yourself. When you discuss with the bank not on the second day, but when you talk to the bank and figure all procedures beforehand and you only have to respect some formalities, then of course it is possible. It is possible, and we could consult for free any nominee in order to facilitate these procedures. That includes Mrs. Maia Sandu too” said DP deputy Sergiu Sarbu.

By the fact that Maia Sandu used a public event in order to obtain political dividends were disturbed other nominees for the position of president.

“Linked by a remark done by the PAS leader. I would not want for this round table to be used for public declarations and for image, as it was tried to do, because if we look at PAS which is criticizing those with bags of money, I cannot imagine how much publicity was done by PAS or not done, and in the first semester gave a report of a donation of only 2,864 lei. And the Dignity and Truth Party has zero. Why they allowed themselves to talk about finances, when they actually do not give any sort of clarity what kind of money are spending these two parties which took a big part of the media space” said the nominee Vitalia Pavlicenco.

DP is the first party which presented to Central Election Party the subscription lists for the presidential elections on 30 October 2016.

The almost 29,000 signatures in the support of Marian Lupu were collected in record time.The speed with which the initiative group presented the package of documents to CEC has displeased many candidates for the presidential position.

Some of them have not even presented the subscription lists to CEC.

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