Maia Sandu avoids answering disturbing questions from electors

PAS leader, Maia Sandu, turns her back to the electors who come to tell their problems to the presidential candidate. During a press conference, Sandu avoided to answer the inconvenient questions given by the electors who expressed their opinion on the situation in the country.

Moreover, the members of the party led by the candidate made also insults. Everything happened after Sandu announced general mobilization and asked people to vote.

PAS leader turned her back literally to a citizen who tried to ask her a question. Because the words said by the man weren't suit for her, Maia Sandu left him without an answer.

"Your retirement pension was taken by thieves, not the Americans. Come on. The thieves stole it, not the Americans".

The same disinterest was shown by Maia Sandu in front of another elector, who tried to find out from which money the electoral campaign is carried.

"- Where from do you take money for newspapers? asked a woman.

- From these people.

- You are stealing the money.

- It is not true. You are misinformed.

- Where from does the lady have the money for candidacy?"

Moreover, the woman was insulted by the members of PAS party because she expressed her point of view.

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