Maia Sandu announced the CC judge positions nominees by night

Four of 12 candidates will be nominated for judge positions within the Constitutional Court (CC). It is about Liuba Șova, Eduard Serbenco, Vladimir Grosu and Nicolae Roșca. The announcement was made by night, at 01:15 AM.

Govermental commission members said that nominees gained the same score.

Maia Sandu explained why the announcement was made by night.
'According to the Regulation, all candidates must be interviewed in the same day, that's why the contest lasted to late night. Also, we must immediately announce the contest results after it's end', Sandu said.
PUBLIKA.MD reminds that the candidates for CC judges positions were interviewed today by the contest Commission made of: PM Maia Sandu, Justice Minister Olesea Stamate, Deputy Secretary General of the Government Roman Cazan, People's Lawyer Mihai Cotorobai ( consultative vote right), Public Rights expert Nicolae Osmochescu, PhD in Law Octavian Cazac, president of Law resource Center Vladislav Gribincea and the Executive Director of the Politics and European Reforms Institute (IPRE) Iulian Groza.

The interviews lasted about 40 minutes for each candidate, 12 of them being accepted into the contest.
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