Maia Sandu and Igor Dodon: Whom do Moldovan citizens trust more?

A new poll organized by the International Republican Institute (IRI) shows the current political preferences of the Moldovan society. 

The PAS leader and President Igor Dodon are leading the nationwide top of trust among the people of Moldova. While in the Moldovan capital, Maia Sandu surpassed the president considerably. 

According to the survey, 24 percent of the citizens vote for Maia Sandu and Igor Dodon. In Chisinau, however, 32% of the respondents vote for the PAS leader while only 19% for the head of state. 

In the top five is PPDA President Andrei Nastase, followed by Socialist leader Zinaida Greceanîi and Democrat Pavel Filip. 

The survey was conducted by Magenta Consulting on behalf of IRI. The data were collected between November 16 and December 9. The respondents aged at least 18. The margin of error is almost 3 percent.

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