Maia fight. Accusations made between 2 presidential candidates

Maia argues with Maia over the position of head of state. The PAS leader says that Maia Laguta, who has been registered by the CEC, is confusing the voters and is stealing votes.

In response, Maia Laguta, the independent presidential candidate, former Education Minister says that Maia is afraid of her popular support.

PAS leader questioned the fairness of the decision of the CEC to register the independents:  Maia Laguta, Valeriu Ghileţchi, Silvia Radu and Right Party candidate, Ana Gutu. The biggest claims are against Maia Laguta over their same name. 

"The identity is being stolen. The concept of collecting signatures in support of candidates has been turned into a farce" , said Maia Sandu.

In turn, Maia Laguta, who previously ran for several public offices, denies the accusations of Maia Sandu.

"I was legally registered, and it scares Mrs Sandu if she's saying such statements to me. The whole country knows me - they call me Our Maia- because they have fought along with me" , said Maia Laguta.

The leadership of the Central Election Commission has not yet commented on the situation.

12 registered candidates were registered for the presidential elections on October 30th.

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