MAI signed contract with Motorola company

Today, December 6, Alexandru Jizdan, the Minister of Internal Affairs had a meeting with Michael Kaae, the deputy President of Motorola company, the leaders of Informational Technologies of MAI, James Pettit, the US Ambassador and the Romanian, European representatives of Motorola company.

Within the dialogue, the participants signed a contract of implementing the project of creating a communicational system that is efficient for the Police services. It is an important target established in the politics matrix of Second Budgetary Support for the Police Reform.

The Minister of Internal Affairs thanked the US Ambassador for the support they offered to the National Police. He mentioned that a contract with Motorola company will be very beneficial for the Police Service.

Both US Ambassador and the deputy President of Motorola reiterated their desire for cooperation and implication in many important MAI projects, that will develop their services at an international level.

 The contract provides the implementation the project mentioned above and the extinguish of Tetra system at a national level and the endowment with special equipment, that will develop the service of police communications. 

In the context of achieving this target till the contract will be signed, MAI made a study of feasibility for the identification of the required communication infrastructure. Also, they should find the best localities to place the TETRA equipments, offered by Motorola within the project.

The project will be implemented till 2020 and it will cost 6,9 milliard euros, the costs will be covered by the European Union.


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