Magnolia has bloomed in Dendrarium park from the Capital

Magnolia has bloomed in Dendrarium park from the Capital.

People who came out to enjoy the nice weather stopped to enjoy the sight and take some pictures.

"It is very beautiful. I feel like they should have frozen with our weather, but the flower resisted and bloomed."

"They do not feel real. The flowers are so beautiful and unusual."

"We passed by and could not help but notice the Magnolia. I believe this is the first tree that bloomed, therefore it stands out more."

"I love it, I adore flowers. The smell is also amazing."

Professional photographers claim that magnolia offers some beautiful pictures.

"We get now the best pictures. It is important for the photograph to be made in the morning, when the sun is not very bright yet. Despite this, all pictures will be successful" Naira Arutiunean declared.

There are currently around 77 species of magnolias in the world.

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