Măgdăceşti declared two days of mourning three victim from Paşcani mining accident

Three employees lost their lives Monday evening, after a mine from Paşcani village, Criuleni collapsed. Two men passed away on site, while the third one on the way to the nearest hospital.

The incident happened after most employees went home, but the three remained to finilize some work. Their were reported missing at around 20:00 local time.

"Their work day ended, everyone went home, but those three remained because they had some work left to do" President of Criuleni, Veaceslav Burlac declared.

"The wives were the ones to notice that they were not returning. They called and asked if everything was alright.... Have they left already? No? And then...the reist is already known..."

"At around 14:00 the workers have passed away and around 20:00 their wives called and were asking why they were not home yet."

Three teams were immediately dispatched to the site, composed of 20 rescuers and firefighters.

"At around 1 km from the mine's entrance we found the bodies of two employees" chief of General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, Vitalie Grabovschi announced.

The 2 men were from Măgdăcești village. The youngest was Vadim Trestianu, 33, who left behind a wife and two children. His family anguish from loss.

"Some said he was alive, they simply couldn't find him, other that he was dead. Now I found out that he was taken to the morgue. I am devastated, we have two children, what will I do now?" the victim's wife cried.

"I found out today at 12:00" his uncle said.

The other two men, Ion Munteanu, 36 and Pavel Ciobanu, 41 were also married and had two children each. Villagers are shocked with the happenings and are accusing the mine's owner for being irresponsible.

"They worked in other mines where it was investigated, unlike here."

"It's not right at all. The boys would often say that they lacked protective helmets and security would be checked once per year. What protection they had there? Pillars that were set just for the looks? Only God knows how they worked there."

Măgdăceşti City Hall declared two days of mourning the three men.

"The village has lost 3 good men. Families were left incomplete, six children fatherless" Mayor of Măgdăceşti village, Liuba Cojocaru delcared.

In the mine from Paşcani are employed around 50 people.

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