Lower Court sentences ex-premier Vlad Filat to 9 years of prison

The Buiucani sector court has issued its verdict in Vlad Filat's trial on corruption.

Thus, the lower court has sentenced him to 9 years of prison and deprived him of the supreme state distinction 'The Order of the Republic.'

Filat is also to pay a fine of 60,000 lei ($3,000.)

Some of his cars, houses and shares will be confiscated as assets obtained illegally. He has also been deprived of the right to hold public positions for a 5-year term.    

Prosecutor Adriana Betisor says she'll appeal the sentence to the Court of Appeal. 

PUBLIKA.MD reminder: Vlad Filat was arrested in October last year. The former premier was accused of influence peddling and passive corruption (asking for bribe.)

According to the businessman Ilan Shor, the politician took a bribe of $250 million from him.
The prosecutors demanded for him 19 years of prison, a fine of $3,000 and expropriation of his assets.

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