Lovers of ice fishing woke up early today to catch the best spots

The cold weather from outside became good news for lovers of ice fishing. They could not wait for the lakes to be frozen to enjoy the sport. Despite meteorologists and rescuers claiming that the ice is still rather thin.

Those who love to fish have used the first frost of this winter. Unfortunately, not everyone was lucky.

"Around 6-7, not many. The fishing is going slow for some reason. Anyway, people came here to enjoy a nice day outside" a fisherman said.

"It is small. -Does it means that this is a bad day? -No, it is a fine day for rest. We did not came here for the game, but to simply enjoy ourselves and try our luck. We expected it to be colder, to be able to walk on the whole lake, but we sit near the bank."

Even if there is delicious bait on the hook, the fish does not let itself be easily fooled.

"We bought it from specialized shop. -Does the fish falls for it? -It mostly depends on the day" a fisherman said.

"For some reason the fishing is slow today. This is my first fishing this winter and I thought I will catch more. I froze by now" a fisherman declared.

Hot tea and coffee helps the fishermen warm up outside.

"Warm coffee solves all the problems. A bit of the beverage and we can go on" a fisherman said.

"I came with my friends. We caught, truth to be told, close to 100 or even more fishes. As they say: early bird gets the worm. We will eat tonight fish and polenta, as it is done in Moldova" a fisherman said.

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