Locals, guests mark patron saint day of Ivancea village in Moldova's center

The locals and guests of Ivancea village from Orhei district had a good time yesterday, celebrating the patron saint of their village. The housewives cooked delicious meals, as the masters of the house offered good wine to their guests.

The mayor’s office organized a concert full of surprises. "It’s an idea we had 5 years ago. We congratulate the babies born over the year. We congratulate the families having lived together 25 years, 50 years. We also congratulate the oldest people," said Ivancea’s mayor Oleg Gaşper.

The people were also congratulated by the leader of the Democratic Party (PDM). "In the future, we’ll go on strengthening our efforts: we, the central with the local administrations to lead the started projects to the very end," Marian Lupu said.

The Moldovan singer Anatol Mârzenco performed at the concert.

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