Loans granted to First House beneficiaries exceed 2 billion lei

Since the First House program was launched, 4019 houses have been purchased with the total loans granted being 2 billion lei. 

Among the beneficiaries are 2825 families, 1194 single people. The average age of the applicants is 31.5 years.

571 state employees and 1422 families with multiple children are among the beneficiaries. 

The average area of the homes purchased through the Program is 60,002 m.p., and their average value is 591.8 thousand lei.

Of the total number of homes purchased, 3705 are apartments, and 315 - individual dwellings. 3767 homes were purchased in urban areas and 253 in rural areas.

Moldovan citizens aged 18-45 can apply to purchase house under the First House state program. The applicant must be officially employed and have official income declaration. 

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