Little Mozart of Moldova, Catherine Caraman's dream came true

 Little Mozart of Moldova, Catherine Caraman's dream came true. She wanted a piano and Vlad Plahotniuc's "Edelweiss" Foundation fulfilled her wish. 

The little girl managed to amaze everybody with her talent and ambition, even if she's not yet 7-year-old. The little pianist has already won numerous competitions with major awards. 

Catherine will be 7-year-old on September 2nd, but the founder of "Edelweiss" Foundation decided to give her the gift earlier. The girl received a scholarship for one year period, before she met her piano. 

In gratitude, Catherine sang a few songs to Vlad Plahotniuc on her new piano.

The little pianist promised to work hard to bring Moldova into the world of fame.

"I love the gift. I want to learn and work harder and become the best pianist in the world" , said Catherine Caraman.

Her parents were impressed by the "Edelweiss" Foundation's gift offered by Vlad Plahotniuc.

"I never expected such a wonderful gift, such a nice and professional piano. We started to look at Catherine with other eyes and other expectations, we really think that hard work on a daily basis can help her maybe become one of the best pianists" , said Catherine's father, Ghenadie Caraman.

"I am very happy that her dream has been fulfilled. From the beginning it as a game, and after listened to her grandmother, she liked it. They started playing with her grandmother and she started succeeding" , said Catherine's mother, Eugenia Caraman.

Recently, Catherine won the second place at the international piano competition in France. Six other children from Europe, USA, Canada and Japan attended the competition. Catherine was the smallest competitor to represented Moldova.

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