List of the parties that can attend the 2019 parliamentary elections

46 parties can register to participate at the Parliamentary elections on February 24, 2019. All these parties have already applied.  In comparison with the list from 2014, this one has five more parties. 

CEC said that the mandate of 25 parties expired and they requested the National Agency for Public Services to update the information. The parties and candidates who intend to participate at the elections should start applying on December 26. They will have 30 days available to do this.

The election campaign will start one month before the elections, on January 25.

At the 2014 elections participated 24 candidates, among whom 19 parties.

The list of parties who have the right to participate at the elections: 

1.Democratic Party of Moldova
2. Communist party of Moldova
3.Agrarian Party of Moldova
4. Socialist Party of Moldova
5. Law and Justice Party of Moldova
6.Christian-Democratic People's Party
7.Professionals' Movement Speranta-Nadejda 
8.Liberal party
9.Party for the unification of Moldova 
10. Social Democratic party
11.Social and political Movement "New Force" 
12.Socialist's Party of Moldova
13.Sor Party
14.Ecologist Green Party
15.New Historical Choice
16.Our Party political party
17.Republican Party of Moldova
18.Moldova's Salvation Front 
19.Centenary Union of Moldova party
20.European party
21.Popular Democratic Party of Moldova
22.Party “Moldova Unita” (United Moldova)
23.Conservative Party 
24.National Liberal Party
25.European Action Party
26.For Nation and Country Party
27.Liberal Democratic Party from Moldova
28.Socio-political Movement of Romanies of the Republic of Moldova
29.Moldova's patriots party
30.Our home-Moldova party
31.People's Movement Antimafia 
32.Popular party from Moldova Party
33.Party “Democracy Home”
34.Party of Regions of Moldova 
35.People's Socialist Party of Moldova 
36.Democratic Action party
37.Revival Party 
38.Truth and Dignity Party
39.Liberal Reformist Party
40.Patria Political Party
41.Moldova's Salvation Front 
42.Progressive Society Party 
43.People's European Party
44.National Unity Party
45.Action and Solidarity Party
46.Party "The Will of the People"

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