LinkedIn now lets you look for work without your boss finding out

One of the hallmarks of any social network is how it pushes people to share their experiences with others, but increasingly we’ve seen a lot of moves by social platforms to give people the option to remain very private, if they choose.

One of the latest moves on this front comes from LinkedIn, the social network for the working world with some 450 million members and currently getting acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 billion: today the company is turning on a new feature for its users who may be interested in quietly looking for a new job, while still employed somewhere else, Techcrunch informs.

Open Candidates, as the new feature is called, will let those users essentially create a signal that will be viewable only to recruiters who use LinkedIn’s premium (paid) tier of service (prices begin at $8,000 and vary depending on the number of licenses). In turn, those recruiters who are looking for candidates like that person will get a signal that a particular candidate is looking to change jobs and is open to getting contacted about new career opportunities. It will be initially available in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia and will get rolled out to more markets throughout this year, LinkedIn tells me.

Open Candidates is being turned on as part of a larger revamp of LinkedIn’s recruitment products, which also include new and more dynamic Career Pages — customised pages that companies that are recruiting employees use to advertise themselves — and a new way for recruiters to connect at the backend with their clients who are hiring to provide more seamless integration. Both of these are getting rolled out globally from today.

All three are being unveiled formally today at the company’s annual Talent Connect event.

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