Life in Moldova is becoming more expensive: This year, a family pays nine thousand lei more for taxes

Taxes and taxes paid on average by a Moldovan family of three persons in 2019 reached the level of 69.1 thousand lei per year. This amount is nine thousand lei higher than last year and two times higher than six years ago.

About this writes the economic expert Veaceslav Ionita on his blog. The fiscal burden is dominated by the Consumer Taxes formed by VAT and Excise duties, they represent on average 32.7 thousand lei per family. Then follows the taxes on salaries, of 26.9 thousand lei and is formed from income tax, social insurance and medical insurance.

Finally, the smallest burden is related to Moldovan economic activities including property tax, which we did not attribute to consumption. In total, the fiscal burden per family is 9.5 thousand lei annually. So out of 69.1 thousand lei annual payments of a family from Moldova, 59.6 thousand lei or 86% are taxes and taxes generated by consumption.

And from the economic activities Moldovans contribute to the formation of the National Public Budget in the proportion of 14% or 9.5 thousand lei annually.

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