Life danger. Hundreds of residents whose flats are not connected to the gas network are in danger

The Saturday night explosion has put on guard the blockers that are not connected to the gas network. Building administrators are alerting and say authorities should take drastic measures.

In a building on Sarmizegetusa Street no. 96 are 116 apartments. According to the president of the Public Association "Consumer Protection" Petru Guţul, who also lives in the building, at least 70 of the tenants use the cylinders.

"They are not afraid that they can die or suffer from a misfortune. Some people consume alcohol, smokes." At any time, a gas leak is possible, and the whole building would suffer, "said the president of the Public Association for Consumer protection.

Ion Cabac and his wife are retired and live on the fifth floor. They recognize that for many years they have been using the bottle at the gas stove, but I do not see a problem here, although a few years ago they were fined.

"Do not you fear it's dangerous?
- But he's not in the room, he's on the balcony. It's not dangerous, "Ion Cabac said.

But my neighbors say I live every day with fear in my breast. However, people are not ready to denounce those who have bottles in the house:

"I have often called the Household-Communal Directorate, I have been arguing about this, but no reaction." "What were you quarreling about?" "About the gas cylinders in the block. telling them what apartments they are in, but I'm not their employee. "

"They have to use them because the world pays up to 1,000 lei on electricity. It's dangerous and I'm afraid."

The same problem is faced by the residents of a block on Ismail Street no. 100/2. The 16-storey building is not connected to the gas network. The administrator says he knows at least two people who have bottles in their homes.

"I wrote to take action, to bring control in all the houses, we will check the evening, we have a list and we will go through all the apartments, signing on their own responsibility that they do not have the cylinders," mentioned Petru Cociorba, the administrator of a block of flats.

The municipality does not have a database of blocks that are not connected to the centralized gas network.

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