Library Nocturne - Ancient books collection overwhelms visitors of National Library (PHOTOREPORT)

Moldovan National Library has today prepared a special program for its visitors. Readers have enjoyed quality music and admired a unique collection of old books.

This collection also includes an old book, almost two centuries old, signed by Professor Mihai Eminescu, Aron Pumnu. The exhibition is part of the "Library Nocturne" cultural event, aimed at promoting reading.

The event started with a mob flash organized by several libraries.

The public could also admire a unique exhibition of maps. One of them was drawn almost two centuries ago, and, according to legends, was the place where a treasure was buried.

The event overwhelmed visitors who were spending good time with great books. 

Besides precious books, the visitors also have chance to enjoy classical musics at the event.

Library Nocturne marks its second edition, organized by Library Association of Romania and Moldova. 



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