Liberals sue President’s referendum decree at Constitutional Court

The Liberal Party (PL) has sued President Igor Dodon’s decree on the consulting referendum at the Constitutional Court. The Liberals maintain the plebiscite is non-constitutional, since the four subjects designed by the President cannot be set for a referendum.

The PL law-makers ask for the decree being suspended until the Court takes a decision.

PL leader Mihai Ghimpu slams the decree: "This president has zero powers, only issuing decrees on decorating citizens, he cannot dissolve the Parliament, because it’s the parliamentary majority which assumes the rule. We understand all his work resumes to making statements.”

The President’s spokesman, Ion Ceban, has retorted: "I have a single proposal: Let the Liberal return the billion with all the thieves.”

Mihai Ghimpu showed anger at a news conference as to Igor Dodon’s will to consult the citizens regarding the school object called the History of the Romanians. The President wants it to be named the History of Moldova.

"He must study the real history. You cannot speak of history when you know no history. If he took over the history from ones having occupied us, let him go and be the president of the state of Novosibirsk," Ghimpu said. 

President Igor Dodon wants a consulting referendum on four issues: scrapping the law on turning the siphoned billion into a state debt; powers to sack the Parliament, cutting the number of MPs from 101 to 71 and Moldova’s History as a school subject.

The plebiscite would be held on September 24 and would cost MDL75 mn ($ 3.75.)

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