Liberals ask for Nastase's dismissal and the Government to dissociate from his abrupt statements

The Liberal Party of Moldova accuses PPDA leader Andrei Nastase of playing Igor Dodon and Moscow's scenario. Liberals ask the Government to dismiss Nastase from all the functions he currently holds and 'defer this crook to the justice'. This is shown in a PL press release, which Dorin Chirtoaca published on his Facebook page. At the same time, the group insists this Government to dissociate 'from the abrupt statements of the mentioned character'. 

According to the PL message, Andrei Nastase made 'irresponsible and dangerous statements' when he said he did not see a problem in the appointment of Ruslan Flocea to the head of the CNA.
'These statements are all the more dangerous for the Republic of Moldova, since they belong to a person who holds the second position as importance in the Government, the Deputy Prime Minister, who is also Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, now Co-President, leader of the governing coalition, president of the Moldovan delegation to the PACE, PPDA president, elected mayor, honorary citizen in different cities', says in the statement of the liberals.
At the same time, PL considers that through these statements Nastase distanced himself from Maia Sandu and approached to Igor Dodon.
'What Nastase hides and does not say is that both he and Dodon, as well as other representatives of power, will be untouchable, as long as Flocea is head of CNA, having immunity and personal protection from him, as well as and from Robu from Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) and Ţurcan from Constitutional Court (CC)'. 
The Liberal Party reiterates the need to organize early parliamentary elections.
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