Liberals and Communists accuse Igor Dodon of conducting election campaign for Socialists

Liberals and Communists accuse the head of state of conducting election campaign for Socialists. 

In the context, the Liberal Party announced to repeatedly ask the PSRM to be excluded from the race after Socialists were only warned by Central Electoral Commission. 

At a press conference, Dorin Chirtoacă accused Igor Dodon of promoting Socialists strongly on the sideline of parliamentary elections. 

"Two years since he became President, now he is in the north, in the south when the election campaign is launched. How can it happen? In front of voters. He's not conducting election campaign, he takes a hike", said Dorin Chirtoacă.

The same accusations came from the Communists.

"It's clear that he appears at places they need. They think Socialists have bigger position. For example, they were in Taraclia. What's the name of person who came and sung? Leps sings karaoke there. He activated when the campaign goes", said Vladimir Voronin, PCRM leader. 

Accusation of Vladimir Voronin came after Igor Dodon posted on Facebook a photo in which he was with Russian singer Grigori Leps. The photo became viral as users did not hesitate to make joke about President. 

The accusations of electoral contestants seemingly fail to disturb the head of state. He refused to get involve in election campaign despite of complaints. 

At the beginning of the week, Igor Dodon came with a special message to his critics, in the way he used to.

"We want to introduce a very clear message: Drink a cup of tea and do not make wrongdoing," said Igor Dodon.

Meanwhile, Șor party filed new referral to CEC against socialists, accusing Irina Vlah to implicate Turkish authorities in PSRM election campaign. 

Last week, the Central Electoral Commission warned the President not to interfere with the election campaign for February 24th, and the Socialist Party was sanctioned with a warning. The ruling was made following complaints by the PL and the Șor Party, which accused the Socialists of using administrative and financial resources through the Presidency.

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