Liberal Transports deputy minister quits

The deputy Minister of Transports and Road Infrastructure, Vitalie Rapcea, has lodhed his resignation request and has posted its copy on social media.

Vitalie Rapcea wrote: "My son and I are glad at the last school day! I thank the colleagues from the Government, the Transport Ministry and the Road State Agency!"

PUBLIKA.MD reminder: President Igor Dodon yesterday signed the resignation requests of four members of the Cabinet, who had been advanced by the Liberal Party. They are deputy premier Gheorghe Brega, Environment Minister Valeriu Munteanu, Education Minister Corina Fusu and Transports Minister Iurie Chirinciuc.

Other chiefs of governmental agencies, earlier nominated by the PL, also submitted resignation applications.

Last week, Liberal leader Mihai Ghimpu announced his party withdrew from government.

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