Liberal and Socialist parties contest against Grovazu's decisions

The liberals and the socialists gathered forces to fight against the new interim and the vice mayors of the Capital. The socialists and the liberals criticized  Nistor Grozavu's decision that comes to exceed the institutional blockage from the Chisinau City Hall.

According to them, the decision is not constitutional and they will contest it in the instance. Mihai Ghimpu, the President of the Democratic Party says Nistor Grozavu didn't have the right to call in function the vice mayors and the new interim.

''We will appeal at the justice, to prove that all those dispositions, starting with Grozavu's implementation and calling in function of the vice mayors can't belong to this man. A man who has problems with the justice can't make justice in Chisinau'', said Mihai Ghimpu, the President of the Liberal Party.

On the other side, the socialists say the liberals had fallen in their own trap when they limited the attributions of the Municipal Council of Chisinau and extended the ones of the mayor. According to them, the liberal deputies didn't expect that the amendments made by them can return against them as a boomerang. The socialists and the liberals will go to the Court.

''Nowhere is written that the interim who is under criminal investigations and who approved his guilt has the right to call in function the new interim and the vice mayors of Chisinau. We will seek for help at the Court, to annul the decision of calling in the function of interim of Silvia Radu and Codreanu'', said Alexandr Odintov, adviser fo the Socialist Party.

Moreover, the liberal party's Government say the liberal deputies will ask for the interpretation of the Constitution, to clarify if an interim takes all the attributions of the mayor.


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