Leonid Oleinicenco is the only candidate who runs for FMF president. What plans does he have

Leonid Oleinicenco is the only candidate who runs for the Republican Football Federation President office. He is ready to continue all the projects of the federation.

The deputy director of the federation has a program for our country.

"This project contains some key-points for the amateurish football. Also, it targets to improve the quality of the Moldovan football", said the deputy director of FMF.

Oleinicenco also says that he will start some new projects.

"We will implement a column for the supporters both for the national and the international matches."

Leonid Oleinicenco thinks that the Republic of Moldova team will gain the first points for Euro 2020 soon. Out national team will have a match with Andorra on June 8 and one with Albania on June 11.

"There are no weak teams. I am sure that our team will prove we are worth to win", said Leonid Oleinicenco.

The new FMF director will be chosen on May 22 within an Extraordinary Congress that will take place at the Futsal Arena from Ciorescu. He must have 61 votes of the jury to be called in office.

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