Learn to save life! Paramedics are teaching people first aid in case of drowning (Video)

Workers from Service of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations are teaching people, all over our country, how to offer first aid in case of drowning. It is done in order to support the campaign of drowning prevention.

A team of paramedics from the Service of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations, from all over the country, attracted people from beaches by demonstrating on mannequins how to correctly offer first aid.

After extracting a victim from possible drowning it is very important to offer proper first aid.

After both explaining and demonstrating the steps on how to perform first aid, people had the possibility to train the movements on mannequins.

According to a survey made by Service of Emergency Situations, most drowning happened during weekends, at unsupervised lakes.

Since the beginning of 2017 over 78 adults and 13 children lost their lives due to drowning.

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