Leancă: Năstase and the Ţopas make polls to forcily oust Maia Sandu from race

Maia Sandu will be ousted from the presidential race by fraudulent methods by the DA Party leader and the Ţopa fugitive felons. The statement is posted on social media by PPEM leader Iurie Leancă.

Referring to these accusations of a DA Party activist, Iurie Leancă says the accusations are brought about on;ly because the German foundation does not accept that the polls are forged as the Ţopas want.

"I warned Maia Sandu that Năstase and the Țopas will try to take her out of the race by fraudulent methods. I realize this operation has been started by publishing the first poll in which Năstase is presented with more percentage than Maia.

Strange is that poll, since several days ago the PDA leaders were accusing the Konrad Adenauer Foundation commissioned to make a key poll regarding the common candidate. Is that because a reputed German foundation, Mr. Năstase, does not accept to falsify polls in Țopas’ favor?!

Today, the supporters of the DA platform (PDA) are glad: they think they are one step closer to send Năstase, Dodon’s younger brother, to the second round with the Socialist leader, in order to help each other.

I am sorry I was right and all the story about the single candidate was but an invention to fragment the right wing. I have the confirmation I have understood this game from the very beginning, but I wanted Maia to understand it, too, not to let herself manipulated," Iurie Leancă posted.

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