Leader of DA Party had a meeting filled with scandal in Elizaveta village, Balti municipality

Scandal in Elizaveta village at a meeting of the DA Party leader.

A participant asked Nastase, the godson of Topa fugitive, from where he took money for the car and luxury properties which he owns.

The question has disturbed the adepts of the platform, who attacked the young man with curses, reports balti.md. Because of the tensed atmosphere, the man left the meeting.

The same happened with a policeman who was ensuring the public order. Andrei Nastase was disturbed by his presence and forced him to leave the meeting.

The cited source mentions that people were behaving aggressively. Every word which wasn’t in the favor of the DA leader was considered an attack.

The journalists wrote that Nastase came to Elizaveta in a white Mercedes.

According to information, the organizer of the meeting was Arina Spataru, the wife of the local priest. Some people who came to the House of the Cultural Art have reminded the priestess that the church should no meddle in the politics.

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