Lawyers of fugitive Renato Usatîi remained speechless when asked how their client met killer Proca

Attorneys of fugitive Renato Usatîi denies that their client, Mayor of Bălţi, ever knew killer Vitalie Proca, condemned for attempting to assassinate Russian entrepreneur Gherman Gorbunțov. Despite investigations having shown that Proca received 100 thousand euro from Renato Usatîi, in exchange of false statements.

When asked during a conference, when Usatîi and Proca first met, the attorneys didn't know how to respond.

"From what I know, they never met before, it appears that the interest in collaboration arose through Malarciuc. That's what I think, but I cannot claim for sure" lawyer Anatolie Istrati declared.

Defense had nothing to say when they were also questioned why their client didn't favor extraditing killer Proca to Great Britain, where the murder attempt took place.

"We do not know. The extraditing was requested by law enforcement from Romania" Istrati responded.

Vitalie Proca was condemned to 21 years of imprisonment in Romania, for attempting to assassinate a young men, he confused with his real target.  First, he committed another attempt in London, upon Russian businessman Gherman Gorbunțov. Prosecutors from Chisinau have begun investigating the case since October 2016. It resulted into them establishing that fugitive Renato Usatîi was the one to order the assassination.

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