Lawyer Valerian Manzat arrested on suspicion of swindling after CNA conducts searches in his office

The lawyer Valerian Manzat, known to public opinion for the luxury and opulence he displays on social media, was arrested for swindling. He was handcuffed, after prosecutors and officers of the National Anti-corruption Center conducted searches in his office but also at his home and in his car.

According to CNA spokesperson, Valerian Manzat is suspected of fraudulently extorting 20,000 euro from a person.

Recently, the star lawyer opened a new law firm located in the close proximity of the Prison No.13.

In May 2015, the lawyer was sentenced to nine years in jail for staging a car accident, after which the defender was to receive over 300,000 lei from an insurance company.

The lawyer is a former employee of the Criminal Police and got into the public view after in 2013 he gave his wife a car of Porsche model, amounted to approximately 50,000 euro, as a gift for Women's day. 



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