Lawyer of Cahul, repeatedly detained for influence peddling

A lawyer from Cahul was arrested by officers of DGT North of CNA and anti-corruption prosecutors. The man was accused of repeated influence peddling.

According to the investigation materials, the defender, coordinating with other unknown persons, claimed and received 2,500 euros, promising he could influence the magistrates of the Rîşcani District Court for a non-custodial decision on a defendant.

The lawyer was caught in his house in Cahul, after receiving the 2,500 euros transferred under the control of the CNA. He was detained for 72 hours.

We mention that the man was documented and detained for the same crime, having received 10,000 euros last year. That penal file is at stage of criminal prosecution and will be transmitted to the court. 

If found guilty, the suspect may face a jail of up to 6 years or fine of 200, 000 lei. 

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