Law regarding the indexation of pensions entered into force. Who are the beneficiaries

Starting January 1, the pensions have been indexed for 2500 retired. The indexation target the ones who got retired in 1999 and worked at least 15 years.

Elena Dumitras is a former history teacher from Corbu village, Donduseni district. She got retired in 1994. After that, she worked 23 more years.

"I worked for 56 years. I would never change my profession", said Elena Dumitras, retired.

Among her pupils there are both teenagers and retired.

"I remember her young. She was full of energy", said Ecaterina Bisericanu.

Then, Elena Dumitras became the director of the gymnasium.

"She was a good director. Mr. Elena appreciated us very much", said Anatolie Cordolean, physical education teacher.

She has been working for 56 years and her pension is lower than 1800 lei. Now, the woman will get a higher pension.

In order to benefit of the indexation, the retired should make a request, present the ID, the working experience from the National House of Social Allowances. The pensions of the ones whose experience is lower than 15 years will be indexed the next year.

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