Law projects that Government assumed liability were registered in Parliament

The seven draft laws that government assumed liability yesterday were registered in Parliament. 

"The government reserve the right. It's very good that government acknowledged the responsibility as parliament can't vote the laws in the final reading. The government assumed responsibility for very important issues related to social security and the payroll system", said Andrian Candu, Parliament Speaker.

The law projects target amendments to state budget law and state social security budget for 2019, the Law on Bălţi Free Economic Zone.

Also, one of the projects provides for wage increases for kindergarten directors, schools and colleagues, as well as for non-commissioned officers.

According to the Parliament's Rules of Procedure, the Government can assume responsibility for an organic or ordinary law draft. If, within 72 hours of the Government's engagement, at least 1/4 of the elected deputies do not submit a motion of censure to the Government, the bill shall be deemed adopted.

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