Law-makers draft bill to insure better food, healthcare to kindergartens

A parliamentary committee has drafted a bill aiming at better controlling the food in the education institutions and at mobilizing doctors for them. The nurses are going to be employed by family doctor offices.

The authors of the bill hope it will make the doctors working in these institutions more responsible and they will be paid more.

Health Minister Ruxandra Glavan proposes that the medical assistants should work in kindergartens by rotation: "We greet the move. The nurses won’t necessarily check the quality of food, but they may consider the nutrients the children get. They will also attend to cases of falling ill.”

This Parliamentary committee was set up in December last year following the so-called rigged auction scandal. Some companies winning the bids admitted supplying rotten food to kindergartens.

17 Education functionaries and entrepreneurs were detained in the criminal case opened.

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