Law enforcement will be closer to people. Police Development Strategy for 2016 - 2020 presented in a short video

In the following years, General Police Inspectorate (IGP) wishes to become a modern and professional institution, meeting all the needs of the people. Head of IGP, Alexandru Pânzari, posted on Facebook a short video presenting the development strategy for 2016 -2020.

"Reforms in this department are based on 5 main aims. Consolidation and fortification of human resources. Combat organized crimes. Involvement of community policing. Respecting human rights in police activity and diminish corruption" Alexandru Pinzari explained.

Other priorities are promoting women within law enforcement and ensuring better detention conditions:

"Police precincts will become more friendly and accessible to all citizens, while answering to calls will take less time. In those four years, over 200 actions will be taken to ensure that police will be brought closer to the people. Citizens must have trust in law enforcement."

At the moment, close to 9 000 police officers are working in Moldova.

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