Latest details over La Plăcinte and Andy`s Pizza restaurant's owner who was arrested for blackmailing

Andrei Tranga, the owner of the restaurant network La Plăcinte and Andy`s Pizza, was arrested for influence peddling and blackmailing. According to the prosecutors of Appeal Court, the accused claimed 730,000 euro from a company and attempted to dispossess it. 

Tranga's lawyers requested the release of the businessman which was vetoed by the magistrates. 

"He claimed and requested Viorel Varzari, from an intermediary, a great deal of money, for his release. He alleged to influence responsible people", said Vasile Golban, PCCOCS prosecutor. 

On April 25, Andrei Tranga and his accomplices were arrested after receiving 30,000 euro from Varzari. The money was found as result of the searches. 

In addition to influence peddling, Andrei Tranga was accused of blackmailing. The businessman along with many people, had blackmailed Viorel Varzari for the last three years, in order to take over Varzari's company with value estimated of ten million euros. 

"He blackmailed through several criminal schemes drawn up by persons living in Moldova and abroad because we have a cross-border case. Those persons are from Russia as well as Italy", added the prosecutor.  

Meanwhile, the Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office has not taken actions to affect Andrei Tranga's business activities as it's reported. 

Andrei Tranga denied the wrongdoing, says his lawyers. 

"He's a Russian speaker. He only said a single phrase: nonsense. He pleaded not guilty on all counts", said the lawyer Ion Dron. 

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