Latest decision: Socialist Party announces to form technocratic Government

The Socialist Party has issued a press release in which they decide to form a new technocratic Government. 

"In these political, social and economic circumstances, the Socialist Party is forced to make a decision that primarily reflects the country's security, internal stability and the benefit of citizens. Early parliamentary elections will plunge the country into chaos and will be socially disastrous and economically destructive, especially on the eve of the cold season, when prompt and efficient legislative and executive decisions are needed and adopted without delay.

Therefore, the Socialist Party declares that we will support the initiative of Moldova's President Igor Dodon to create a minority cabinet, made up of professionals, apolitical and technocratic people, to ensure the good development and progress of the Republic of Moldova. In this regard, we will open a field of dialogue with all the deputies and with all the parliamentary factions, in order to identify the optimal formula for investing such a technocratic Government.

In addition, we announce that we will not create another Coalition or Alliance with other factions in Parliament. The next Government will be a technical one, not a political one. Despite being apolitical, the Government will have all the powers to implement the economic and social projects that the PSRM has promoted so far.

It must be a Government that will not run away from responsibility, will not seek victimization and will not make non-constitutional decisions. It will be a social Government, which will truly work for people, without free political PR and without childish whims", quoted the press release of the Socialist Party. 


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