"Lastaras" kindergarten from Draguseni village moved to a new building. Prime Minister Pavel Filip attended the event

The "Lastaras" kindergarten from Draguseni village, Straseni district, moved to a new building.

The former gymnasium in the locality has been renovated and equipped with all that is needed for the little ones. After renovations, a small children's group was opened for one and a half years.

The works lasted for four months and cost 3.5 million lei, money allocated from the state budget. Parents are delighted that all children in the village will be able to go to kindergarten. 

"My child is very pleased with her day by day with great love in the kindergarten. We thank them for all the work and help we have for our village", said a mother. 

"Here's better, the conditions are better, here's the warmer, the bigger the space is where they play, the kids love joy in the kindergarten," another woman said. 

The kindergarten has been equipped with a modern kitchen, a laundry room and a food store. 

"The kitchen is equipped with everything we need, we have a cooker, a refrigerator for samples, a large saucepan, and we have what it works for, here's better", said Elena Nicica, a cook.

"The old building had only two sides and lacks buffet. I mean we only kitchen was for all groups. That's better is another climate, other conditions both for us and for children. Beneficiaries 
direct this project are children and they are the future of the country", said Ana Bucur, interim director of Straseni Kindergarten. 

At the inauguration of the kindergarten was also the premier Pavel Filip. He came with gifts for children. 

"There are investments for the children and that is why we take care. Next year, at the mayor's insistence, money is provided from the state budget to continue the renovation of the kindergarten, it seems to me more than one million lei", said Premier Pavel Filip.

From 1 April 2019 a pilot project will be implemented in the schools and kindergartens in Straseni district. A company in Finland will provide catering services. This is the first district in the country to benefit from these services. 

"We hope that it will be successful and that our experience will be extended to all districts and the whole country. The idea is to feed children correctly and to get the calories they need," says Mihail Popa, president of Straseni district. 

The "Lastaras" kindergarten in Draguseni village is attended by 70 children.

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