Last steps until Christmas House inauguration on 31st August street in capital

Preparations for the Christmas House Fair, organized by the Government are on the last steps. 

There are hours left until the winter events start. Smell of pies and wine near the 31st August St. 

Ice rink is one of the most important part of the Fair which was already tested the locals. 

"It's really good to create such vacation. We've been waiting for long time".

"It's my first time but it's really good. I expected the price would be higher". 

Merchants have prepared the most tasty dishes for visitors.

"We've prepared tasty pies, snacks, biscuits".

"We have everything: cheese, cabbage, jam, home-made pies".

Locals say they are anxious to come to the feast.

"Everything looks good at the beginning, I think it'll be better at the end". 

"I will come with my grandchildren, with my family".

The children are waiting for the Santa Claus house, where they will meet who is the most important character of the event.

- Do you like this place?

- Yes, absolutely!

- Are you going to visit the Santa Claus House?

- Yes, we will play in that house with my father. 

The Christmas House fair will start at 18:00 on August 31 st., in the capital. Patrol police recommend visitors to come to the fair with public transport to avoid creating traffic jams.


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