Last day of Take care of your health campaign took place in Straseni district

"Take care about your health" campaign ended. In eight months, over 4.500 retired benefited of medical check ups.

The last village visited by the campaign was Vorniceni village from Straseni district. It is the 29th locality.


Mihai Luchian is 73 years old. He has seeing issues. The man says the has never been to an eye specialist before.


Gheorghe Grosu suffered a heart surgery in 2014. Starting then, the man goes to the doctor very often. Because they don't have a cardiologist at the district hospital, the man should go in the Capital. This time, he benefited of a free medical check up. 

"It is great. Thank you very much. Now I feel much better", said Gheorghe Grosu, patient.

The doctors say that many retired go to the hospital too late.


"Most often, with the decrease of visual acuity in the distance and close. Most of the patients are with primary cataracts", said Iuliana Şaptefraţi, ophthalmologist.

"Some of them have to do some investigations, sometimes they have to adjust the treatment, make recommendations on their way of life and nutrition", said Stela Vudu, an endocrinologist.

So far, more than eight hundred people have been consulted by the ophthalmologist, and nearly 120 have received free eyeglasses.

"I saw that this is a problem for a person who should go somewhere to a specialized institution to receive these glasses and then we introduced the glasses in the project", said Galina Procop, Vice President of the Organization of the Nation's Treasury.

The "Take care for your Health" campaign was launched in May at the initiative of the Democratic Party. The project will continue next year.


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