Last day for submitting income declarations – next Tuesday

Several days left to submit the income declarations for the last year. These will be received till next Tuesday by the State Fiscal Service. The fiscal department has extended its work schedule so that it convenes to the taxpayers.

Including this Saturday and this Sunday the offices will be open between 8 and 17.

Till present approximately 156 thousand persons submitted the income declarations according to the Fiscal Service according to the data.

"This cypher is close to the final one from the previous year. The term was extended with one month more. We don’t have this problem in case we’re talking about rows and imbulising, the process unfolds normally", affirmed Olga Baciu, the spokesperson of the State Fiscal Service.

The electronic method is the fastest one to submit the income declaration. The procedure lasts three minutes. The documents needed are an identity document and the information about the income obtained from the employer.

The submitting of the declarations online is a very convenient method, people say.

"It’s extraordinary. All the information are in the database, there are practically no wastes of time. It’s a lot more convenient the electronic method. It’s completed automatically and much more simpler.

It’s risked by the taxpayers a fine of one thousand lei for the non-presentation of the income declaration, two hundred lei for each delayed submitted and one thousand lei for a declaration with false content. The atxpayers who won’t submit income declarations risk fine in sum of one thousand lei in case of non-presenting of the income declaration.

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