Landlords able to build guesthouse without plot change, initiative by Parliament

Landowners will be able to build guesthouses without changing the destination of the plots. Only those who practice agriculture for at least five years will benefit this right. The provisions are contained in a draft amendment to the Land Code approved at first reading in the Parliament.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, this will create favorable conditions for tourism development, especially as there are currently only seven agribusinesses in Moldova.

However, landlords will be obliged to provide tourists with the opportunity to participate in agricultural activities such as vineyards, orchards or animal increases. 

Thanks to this provision, business people will save tens of thousands of lei.

"A simple example: a land plot to change the destination, the landholder needs more than 12,000 lei, but to build an agro-tourist board, it is necessary to over 14 ares of land. This money could be used in infrastructure development or comfort for tourists, "said Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment Vasile Bâtca.

Tourism specialists say foreigners coming to Moldova are looking to experience country life.

"We know many farmers who asked our consultation if they had enough space in picturesque areas. It was the idea to build a cottage, a mini agro-guesthouse and it was a big problem changing the destination of these land, "said Svetlana Lazar, president of the National Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism Association.

The draft is to be put to the vote at second reading.

According to the National Statistics Office, more than 4,000 people visited the Moldovan guesthouses in the first half of this year.

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