Lack of transparency from the ACUM-PSRM Alliance. Andrei Nastase refuses to answer questions of public interest

The Internal Minster refuses to respond to questions of public interest. Andrei Nastase organized a press-briefing in which he charged the General and Anti-corruption Prosecution.

Nastase talked only regarding this subject and definitely refused to answer questions.

The journalists asked about the two recent crimes. It is about the woman who was found dead in a bus at Botanica at the beginning of the month and the bank robbery from Buiucani.

The Internal Minister mentioned to answer the questions within a press-conference, without mentioning any date.

In the Botanica crime case, the policemen have a suspect, who is internationally searched.

In the Buiucani bank robbery case, from where disappeared goods and money worth of 51 million MDL, no suspect was identified.
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