Kroll 2 report on its final drafting phase, document will be published soon

''Kroll 2" report is on its final drafting phase and will be published in the following weeks.

The representatives of the international consortium are ready to offer support to the General Prosector and the Agency for the Recovery of Criminal Goods, to recover the delapidated actives.

Within a new visit of the Kroll representatives in Moldova the recovery strategy of the stolen funds (the crime that provoked the bankruptcy of Bank of Economy, Social Bank and Unibank) was establishes.


At the meeting participated the Prime Minister, Pavel Filip, the President of the Parliament, Adrian Candu and the governor of BNM, Sergiu Cioclea. The discusions were based on the initiation of the legal procedure of the goods recovery.

The sides decided the investigation will be leaded by the prosecution instances from Moldova that will be supported by the Kroll company. 


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