Kroll 2 report made Maia Sandu, leader of PAS and Ilan Şor, mayor of Orhei to argue

PAS President wrote on a social media page that according to the report, Ilan Şor is the one who implemented the scheme of the bank fraud. According to her, the decision of the emergency loans for the Economy Bank, Social Bank, Unibank was taken by the Government who was leaded by Iurie Leanca then. It permitted the raise of the liabilities of the banks.

Iurie Leanca says that in 2014, there was found a solution to solve the crisis of the system.

"Everybody made speculations on this subject. But, we should take into consideration the fact that in the past 30 years, the Governments did the same things in other 140 cases", said Iurie Leanca, the deputy President of the Parliament.

At his turn, Ilan Shor declared in a press release that Maia Sandu begun to feel an antipathy according to him, since they both started to be party leaders. Ilan Shor mentioned the situation was different when Maia Sandu took part of the Vlad Filat's party.

"I want to thank Maia Sandu for the vote in favor of the granting of state guarantees at the request of the National Bank. This vote helped depositors and prevented a financial crisis. Although she regrets, Maia Sandu did a good job when she raised her hand and voted", said Ilan Şor.

At the same time, the politics commentators mention that through these accusations, Maia Sandu tries to clear her image. The journalist Victor Nichitus wonders why PAS leader voted for the state guarantees, if she was that innocent.

"When she was a member of Leanca Government, Maia Sandu was assuring us that the guarantee was for depositors' safety, the PAS leader now claims that granting it was not legal. When did she tell the truth?, wonders Nichitus.

At their turn, the liberals declared they insist for the whole report to be published in Romanian language.

"Liberal Party shows its displeasure and indignation because the National Bank published the Kroll report only in English. We, the Liberal Party want the whole report to be published", said Mihai Ghimpu, the Liberal Party leader.

James Pettit, the US Ambassador to Moldova declared for a TV channel that the publishing the synthesis of the Kroll 2 report is very significant and we need an effort that can take a couple of years, to finish the investigation.

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