Kozlovska investigated by SBU. President of Open Dialog foundation is suspected of betrayal

SBU, the Ukraine informational service started to investigate Ludmila Kozlovska, the President of Open Dialog foundation.

The Ukranian is forbidden to enter the EU, as she is suspected of cooperating with Russian secret services and betrayal.

The investigators try to establish if she damaged the territorial integrity of Ukraine. According to the Polish press, Ludmila Kozlovska claims that the evidence of Ukrainian investigators is based on a series of telephone interceptions and on her bank transactions and her husband, who is a Polish citizen.

Zeppelin journalists wrote that previously, Open Dialog NGO was funded by Muhtar Abliazov oligarch from Kazahstan and made lobby in Europe for the parties leaded by Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase, but also for Veaceslav Platon, the No.1 raider in CSI. The NGO also funded PAS and PPDA's leaders' travels to the European Institutions.

Even if Maia Sandu said that she paid for the tickets by herself, Ludmila Kozlovska denied this information.

Recently, within a debate organized by OSCE in Warsaw, the officials from many countries accused Open Dialog foundation for doing lobby to some dangerous people. Also,  they said that the NGO funds guns delivery in Donbass.

Moreover, it has been mentioned that Kozlovska manipulates and uses fake information to influence the decisions of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council.

At the end of August, Andri Cristea MEP reqested to investigate the funding sources of Open Dialog foundation.

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