Kozak PSRM-ACUM Alliance are ignoring the social politics. Gas and power prices will be raised and the salaries unpaid

The Kozak PSRM-ACUM Alliance is leading the country for about one month, during which they ignored the social politics. Even though the former Financial Minister, Ion Chicu announced that in the budget are three billions MDL for the salaries, pensions and allocations payment, the governing MPs announced their lack of money the payment delay.

The Sandu Government and the Parliament with the Kozak's majority have been busy with the functions cleanings than of the social problems. Within the plenary sessions, were prioritized the projects about official's resignations and those proposed by Democrats were rejected.

Among them are the 200 MDL monthly-allocation for every child under 18 years, but also the Nistru, Afghanistan and other states veteran's allocations from 100 to 500 MDL.

Also, wasn't supported even the two-times a year 600 MDL help of the senior citizens and low-income persons. The successfully implemented projects implemented by the Filip Government 'A doctor for you', 'A new life' and 'Good roads for Moldova' were stopped. More than that,the Kozak Alliance MPs announced in a few months there will be no money for salaries.  Democrats said to them if they can't find enough budget, they can show where can they get necessary sources. 

At the same time, the RCA type and Green Paper became more expensive and the prices for gas and power also will be raised.

Also, in a moment when the authorities help was so expected by the people, the Government had other priorities. The second day after the collapse of the Otaci block-of-flats, the PM Maia Sandu made a session in which were discussed the resignations, the Otaci subject being superficially touched on. The refugees did not receive humanitarian help and wasn't created any crisis cell. Even though they promised that the damage sum will be stabilized until July 5, at this date Maia Sandu organized a briefing in which she launched threats in the prosecutors' address.

Also, the PM did not visit the North of the country where the hail-rains produced a big damage.
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