Kozak plan is already being applied: Parliament illegally voted for the removal of the mixed voting system

Yesterday, the deputies of Kozak Acum-PSRM alliance illegally voted the removal of the mixed voting system. According to the project of law, the parliamentary elections will take place the same as before the elections that we had on February 24. These actions confirm that ACUM and PSRM are driven by Russian interests.

The return to the old voting system is a condition that Russia wanted to implement in Moldova. Thus, the deputies will be elected on party lists. This was confirmed by Dodon within a dialogue with Serghei Iaralov, DPM vice-president:

Dodon: We will analyze the opportunity to discuss.

Iaralov: Why do you find it bad?

Dodon: For the next election, we will go back to the old voting system.

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