Klaus Iohannis: Unification with Moldova should be discussed in society with a long-term plan

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said that the issue of unification with Moldova should be discussed in society with a long-term plan, writes infoprut.ro.

"The problem should be resolved calmly, with a discussion in society, with a long-term plan, by the way the draft country - that's a long-term plan," said Iohannis.

A month ago, the Romanian president said that the Presidential Administration is preparing a strategy for the eventual unification and more institutions will contribute to the drafting of the plan: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Intelligence Service, the Romanian Intelligence Service and the Cotroceni Palace.

"The discussion about a possible union will be treated in the strategy which we will discuss at CSAT at the end of the year" concluded Iohannis.

The Unionist leader had on Monday and Tuesday meetings with representatives of seven political parties - the Social Democratic Party, the Popular Movement Party, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats Party (ALDE), the National Liberal Party, Save Romania Union, Our Alliance Romania and United Romania Party. During the talks, each party showed its openness to take in writing certain aspects of unification of Romania and Moldova.


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