Kindergarten from Zastânca village renovated with the support of Government of Romania

Children from Zastânca village, Soroca district, will have better conditions in their kindergarten. The institution was renovated with money offered by the Government of Romania. It gained a new heating system, windows, roof and thermal insulation.

Furthermore, authorities have also constructed an annexed building and opened a daycare for toddlers.

Adriana Dichii has two children of 2 and 4 years old. The young mother claims that she kept her children at home, as the kindergarten was full. Now that a new group was created, children can finally attend and Adriana will be able to return to work.

"I stayed home for two years with my son because the kindergarten had no places. My daughter got in much faster. I was called to work, but always had to refuse, because I had no one to leave my children with" villager from Zastânca, Adriana Dichii said.

Other mothers will follow her example.

"I waited for a long time. We are happy with both the group for toddlers and young children. We are happy that the conditions are good, it is warm and we can go to work."

The institution's employees claim that lack of space used to be a big issue.

"The groups were packed here and we had many children. Thanks to the new group we have less children in our care. We use the fireplace to warm up, there is no tap water so we go to the well, bring water for the kitchen and bathroom" teacher Ina Scripnic said.

"We are happy that now all children can attend the kindergarten. This is very important for our settlement" director of the kindergarten, Galina Tonofa said.

To repair the institution the Government of Romania offered a grant of 1.5 million lei.

"The first stage was to completely repair the roof, then thermal insulation, heating system in the main building. The second stage was the creation of an annexed building" director of Moldova Social Investment Fund, Mircea Eșanu said.

At the inauguration was present Romanian Ambassador to Chisinau.

"It is important for such projects to continue. I hope to bring this way a small piece of Europe into the hearts and minds of the people from here" Ambassador Daniel Ioniță said.

The kindergarten from Zastânca is attended by 65 children. To renovate and equip kindergartens from Republic of Moldova, Romania offered 26 million lei. The fund was used to assist 845 kindergartens. Another 70 institutions are currently being repaired.

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